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The Basic Perquisite to get VISA for visiting intended destination can be broadly categorized in to following parts:

    Verified documents for visit

  • Verified documents for visit
  • Covering Letter
  • Tour Itinerary
  • Air Ticket(s)
  • Hotel Voucher(s)
  • Invitation Letter: Personal
  • Invitation Letter: Business
  • Invitee Credentials

    Identity Proof

  • Passport (Original/Copy)
  • Photographs
  • Personal Information Sheet
  • Biometric Information
  • NOC from Company
  • Health Certificate
  • Business License

    Sufficient funds

  • Bank Statements
  • 3 Years ITR
  • Company Financials
  • Credit Card / Travelers Card
  • Salary Slips
  • Pension Certificate
  • Assets Summary


  • Documents checklist
  • Offline/ Online Forms
  • Appointment assistance
  • Covering Letter
  • Documents Submission
  • Door 2 Door Services*

Special Offers

Singapore VISA - RS. 2000/-, China VISA - RS. 6000/-, Egypt VISA - RS. 5000/-, New Zealand VISA - RS. 11000/-, Malaysia VISA - RS. 2000/-, Schengen VISA Service Fees - RS. 2000/-, Philippines VISA - RS. 5000/-, Australia VISA - RS. 10000/-, Canada VISA - RS. 8000/-

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India Tourist Visa | Best Tourist Visa Consultants in India
All the details you need to know about the Indian Tourist Visas are available on this page. Please make sure you read through the details before applying for a visa to India.

India is often seen as an exotic travel destination but it is truly a place full of a rich and diverse culture from where you are sure to take back varying and interesting memories. If you are an international traveller who has decided to visit India as a tourist you are in great luck because you do not have to go through too much trouble in order to make this long-awaited trip happen. The Government of India provides an electronic Visa or e-visa meant specifically for tourists and you can apply for the e-visa online instead of from the Indian Embassy in your country as the traditional paper Visa is done. This India Tourist Visa is not only for tourists who visit the country for the purposes of sightseeing or recreation but it is also supposed to make easier the lives of those who want to visit India for the purpose of visiting family, relatives, or friends.

Conditions of Indian Tourist Visa
As useful and helpful as the Indian Tourist Visa is, it does come with a list of conditions that you need to meet in order to be eligible for it. It is only available to travellers who intend to stay for no longer than 180 days in the country at one time, that is, you should be returning or going onwards on your journey out of the country within 180 days of your entry into the country on the Tourist e-Visa. You also cannot take a commercial trip to India on the India Tourist Visa, only a non-commercial one. As long as you meet these eligibility requirements for the India Tourist Visa as well as the eligibility conditions for e-visa in general, you would be eligible to apply for the Tourist Visa for India.

As mentioned above, the Indian Tourist Visa is meant for those international travellers who want to visit the country as tourists in order to visit all of the popular tourist spots and spend a fun vacation in the country or those who want to visit their loved ones residing in the country. But an India Tourist Visa can also be used by international travellers coming here to attend a short-term Yoga Programme, take a course that will last no more than 6 months and will grant no degree or diploma certificate, or partake in volunteer work that will not exceed the duration of 1 month. These are the only valid grounds on which you can apply for the Tourist Visa for India.

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